Lion how to find long tail keywords

With any SEO campaign it’s important to spend time on quick wins, finding longer more targeted key phrases that are easier to rank for and are far more likely to convert than broader high search volume keywords. This guide explains how to find long tail keywords that still return decent monthly traffic using free online tools.

Ask Google for Long Tail Keywords

In this example I am going to show you how to find long tail keywords for a website selling Dell laptop batteries.

As a starting point to generate ideas we are going to use Google Suggest, open your browser and start to type a search phrase.

Using Google Suggest to find Long Tail Keywords

As you can see above Google has started auto completing long tail searches for us, these phrases are searched by large numbers of people and make a great starting point. I am going to run with “dell laptop battery inspiron” and see what Google suggests for this keyword.

Google Suggest Dell Inspiron


The model number searches above should give us some healthy highly targeted targeted traffic, we will confirm this later on in the article. Another way of finding some great long tail search phrases is to simply do a search and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the “Searches related to” section for some more Google long tail suggestions:

Google Related Search

How To find Long Tail Keywords with UberSuggest

The above method works well for keyword searching but it’s a very manual and time-consuming process; the good news is there is a free online Google Suggest scrapper called UberSuggest that will extract key phrases and provide suggestions for related keywords and present them in a list that we can easily copy and paste.

Point your web browser at and enter some of the ideas we came up with at the start of the article.

UberSuggest Long Tail Key Word Search


You also have the option of changing the location and the type of the search, for the purpose of this example I have left it on the default setting (English/USA).

After hitting “Suggest” you should see results similar to:

UberSuggest Results

I recommend browsing through the list of ideas, if you see any relevant key phrases click the keyword to expand the suggestion length (make the long tail longer), here is an example for “dell laptop battery replacement”:

UberSuggest Expected Results

To select the keywords you wish to use simply click the green plus icon to the left of the keyword.

Select UberSuggest Keywords

I have selected some likely keywords that I think will return decent monthly traffic for my laptop battery site. I’v also gone through the rest of the suggestions and selected some other likely keywords.

Once you have finished selecting, scroll up to the top of the page on the right and click “Get”.

UberSuggest Get Button

After clicking the Get button the box below should appear, select all and click copy so we can export UberSuggest directly into the Google Keyword tool (or Excel).

UberSuggest Results Export into Excel

After copying all the key phrases head over to the Google Keyword tool and copy and paste the contents into the “Find keywords” section at the top, before hitting search make sure you have the “Match Types” set to “[Exact]” over on the left hand side (I find Exact data the most accurate):

Google Keyword Exact Match Setting

I also recommend changing your Location and Device options; here is what I use for the USA:

Google Keyword Tool location settings

Finally hit search!

You can hit the “Save All” button and then select “Download” and “My keyword ideas” this will then pop up the following box, select “CSV for Excel” and click “Download” you can then open this data in Excel.

Import log tail keywords into excel

Repeat the process over and over for your keywords and then remove duplicates in Excel.


I hope you found this guide on finding long tail keywords useful :) – have fun creating content for your chosen keywords, let me know your thoughts on Twitter @kjsudbury