I created this article to help non technical people understand why they should avoid cheap SEO that could negatively affect their websites online visibility.

Why Cheap SEO Used To Work

In the past some SEO’s (not us!) built links in ways that violated Google’s guidelines, using automated tools or scripts to create garbage posts on other interlinked blogs filled with junk posts that made little or no sense as the words were all generated by a robot (this is called article spinning). Another popular method was buying links from large networks of sites that all linked to each other (link networks) this worked until Google banned several larger link networks and focused on low quality anchor text heavy links with the Penguin update in 2012.

Why Cheap SEO is Bad

Google are constantly fighting against scummy link building methods outlined above and have released a number of updates over the years to try and prevent non-ethical methods from working. Unfortunately people still try to sell cheap SEO services that will get you penalized, if you are unsure of how your SEO consultant is building links to your site you should ask them. If they are reluctant to tell you or charging a very cheap amount I would advise you investigate further.

Why Good SEO is More Expensive

Good SEO’s will make sure there are no existing issues on your website, optimize your whole site using legitimate on page techniques and ensure your partners & peers are linking to you correctly. Additionally they will advise or conduct legitimate methods of building links that are not in violation of Googles guidelines. As you can imagine this will take time, research and hard work, far more work than the automated (scummy) methods outlined above.

Benefits of good quality SEO

We are not trying to game Google using tricks or techniques they do not approve of our rankings are likely to increase throughout the Google updates (all of Lion’s monthly clients have seen an increase throughout 2012).

Brand Awareness – Writing quality content on respected authoritative sites will often bring business & traffic directly

Quality Links Are Worth More - Your inbound link will be from a quality site related to your industry, worth far more than many bought / automated links

Social Awareness - Writing for quality sites has the additional benefit that you already have an audience to share your content socially via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc

Lasting Links – As your links are from quality sites

Good Articles Will Increase in Value – Over time more people will link to your articles passing on link juice to your site

Organic Links – As your brand visibility increases through blogs, social networks and search engine rankings you will naturally acquire more links to your site


You Get What You Pay For

Unfortunately most small businesses are not aware of how much damage cheap SEO can cause and shop around for prices based on  ”How many links a month?“, “How Many Keywords can you Rank for Me” or “How much will it cost to get to page 1 of Google?”. When they should be asking what each SEO company can provide for their monthly budget and reviewing the responses accordingly…

I hope this has educated you about the dangers of cheap SEO and even helped some people make the right decision, please feel free to contact us or drop us a comment below if you have any questions.